Everything You Need to Know About Primordial Sound Meditation – An In-Depth Guide

The primordial sound meditation technique is one of the oldest and most well-known meditation techniques descending from the ancient Vedic system. As the name suggests, the entire concept of this ancient practice revolves around resonating with the primordial sounds of the universe and inner silence.

But practicing meditation of this kind can seem a bit difficult for beginners as the Vedic tradition of India can seem cryptic to the majority of the world. That is why in this article, we will try to explain primordial sound meditation in the simplest way possible.

We will discuss mantra meditation, how sound meditation differs from transcendental meditation, and some simple steps that you can follow to start your primordial sound meditation journey.

Make sure to go through each section of this guide. We assure you that you will understand the ways of primordial sound meditation techniques without facing any complications.

primordial sound meditation

What Is Primordial Sound Meditation?

primordial sound meditation

Primordial sound meditation is a form of meditation technique that revolves around focusing on a single sound. It taps into the vibration generated while making a sound dive into one’s own deepest nature.

The sound that a practitioner focuses on is called the primordial sound and thus the name primordial sound meditation. There are a lot of variations of the primordial sound.

Some say the sound mantra can be different for every individual, while others believe in focusing on some single sound vibrations for their versions of primordial sound meditation.

Understanding the Primordial Sound Mantra

The difficulty people face when trying this sound meditation is understanding the sound mantra that they need to focus on as they meditate. Now, remember, the primordial sound mantra can’t be just any sound around us.

No, as the name suggests, it is a primordial sound. The ancient gurus of Vedic tradition found that certain sounds resonate with the universe and everything around us.

And by focusing only on these sounds and repeating them silently or verbally can take the mind and body to deep relaxation. These sounds were the keys to profound peace.

Now there are quite a few ways the primordial sound is tackled. Some common sound mantra like the sound ‘Om‘ or ‘Aum‘ is considered the preferred primordial sound for many yoga professionals and experts.

There are also others who believe in personal mantras when it comes to primordial sound meditation. This is deeply rooted in the tradition of India and focuses on lunar cycles and birth months.

How to Get Your Personalized Mantra?

Deepak Chopra and David Simon, two prominent figures in the field of primordial sound meditation, promote the idea of a personal mantra.

This revolves around the idea that every individual has their own personal primordial sound and chanting those sounds will allow them to fully resonate with their practice.

To find this sound, certain calculations need to be done based on the birth date, time, and lunar position. This calculation is regarded as Nakshatra, which can be calculated through some online calculators like this one!

After you have learned about your Nakshatra, then you will need to find your Beej or Seed mantra. Once you have found your seed mantra you can proceed to chant it when you begin your primordial sound meditation.

You can learn more about the Beej chart from here.

Benefits of Practicing Primordial Sound Meditation

primordial sound meditation

You will enjoy the following benefits if you practice primordial sound meditation on a regular basis

Steady Decrease in Stress Levels

Sound meditation is a healing practice and if you can practice it properly, then you will see your stress hormone levels fall significantly and increase in dopamine.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Scientific research reveals that sound meditation can have a positive impact on your blood pressure levels due to the reduction of stress on the body and mind. Therefore, blood pressure decreases over time while practicing primordial sound meditation as well.

Calms the Mind

Meditating in silence can bring stillness to your body and mind. And when you weave silence you will see a significant increase in your calmness and experience expanded awareness as well.

Primordial sound meditation will also take care of your emotional turbulence and help you to be more comfortable with yourself.

Step-by-Step Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction Guide

Here are the steps that you will need to follow if you want to get started with primordial sound meditation

Step 1: Get in a Comfortable Prayer Position

The first thing for any meditation technique is to relax the body and mind. So try to get as comfortable as possible. Afterward, sit cross-legged in a prayer position.

You can bring your hands together or keep them on your knees, it doesn’t matter. That being said, it is better to keep your hands on the knees as normally it takes a bit of time to complete a full primordial sound meditation session.

Step 2: Clear Your Mind

The next thing that you need to do is to get rid of all thoughts that roam around your head. You will have to focus on your mantra, so a clear mind is quite necessary.

If your mind is filled with the most intuitive thoughts then you will have a hard time getting into a proper meditative state.

Step 3: Start With Slow Loud Chants

Now it is time for you to begin chanting. Chant your mantra slowly but steadily for at least 10 minutes. Focus on the words you are chanting.

The first session should be quite loud so that you can hear your own chant without any trouble. You should be vibrating with the words that are coming to your ears.

This is the most direct way you will get into primordial sound meditation. Make sure to keep your inner stillness and mind’s busy activity in check by focusing on the words you are chanting.

Step 4: Proceed to Whisper

Once you have completed chanting loudly, you need to tone down and keep chanting in whispers. Don’t suddenly drop from loud chanting to whispers.

Tune down a notch slowly. You will need to continue whispering for the same amount of time you have done your loud chants. So hum for at least 10 minutes.

The loud chanting should already take care of the agitated thoughts that were clouding your mind, so you should be able to focus more easily on the whispers. Just keep in mind that you need to listen and feel the vibrations of the words coming from your mouth.

You need to show greater compassion than in the previous step in this stage of meditation.

Step 5: Proceed to Silent Repetition

The final step is to silently repeat the words in your mind. Similar to the other two chants, you will need to do this equal to the time of the other chants.

Take deep breaths as you do your chanting. At this point, you should just be focused on the chants and will fall into a deeper meditative state.

As your breathing slows down, you will reach a bit closer to inner peace. After a certain period of time, you can let go and slowly get up from your meditation position.

This is how you can finish your guided primordial sound meditation. A pro tip would be to use timers or alarm clocks for the length you want to meditate on each step.

But if you practice this on a daily basis then slowly you will develop a self-timer in your mind.

Primordial Sound Meditation and Modern Meditation Technique

Primordial sound meditation is traditionally considered one of the most effective forms of meditation techniques to date. And it is quite contradictory to modern transcendental meditation.

This is due to the fact that modern meditation suggests letting the mind wander. On the other hand, primordial sound meditation aims to focus on the chanting so the practitioner can gain the deepest sense of themselves.

If you want our opinion, we believe it depends from person to person on which form of meditation technique is the best. And if you truly want to master deep meditation, then primordial sound meditation is a great place to start.

But that doesn’t mean modern meditation can help you reach that level as well. It falls down to the one who will meditate and how much time and effort they are willing to spend to meditate.

Here is a guided primordial sound meditation video:

Final Thoughts

Primordial sound meditation is without a doubt one of the best meditation practices one can opt for. It improves your well-being and overall view of life.

Hopefully, if you have come this far in the guide then you have a good idea of what this form of meditation is and how it can help you.

So, follow the steps mentioned in the guide and discover the infinite possibilities and pure potentiality of primordial sound meditation by yourself!