Tree Meditation Techniques to Help You Connect to the Natural World

With all the chaos and unrest in our daily lives, the body needs to relax and reset.

Meditation by connecting with nature is a great solution for grounding and spiritual healing.

Among the different techniques, tree meditation practice is a powerful way to connect your core to the roots of trees and nature, thus bringing about peace and tranquility in your spirit.

There are several techniques you can try to capture the power of trees within your soul. Not only will these leave you feeling calm and grounded, but you will feel powerful and strong like a tree.

We will look at different ways in which you can achieve this feeling.

Tree Meditation

Steps on Doing Tree Meditation Techniques in Today’s World

Tree Meditation

Trees are possibly the best examples of how our lives go through ups and downs.

These creations of nature go through countless changes in weather but yet stand their ground, just like we humans do.

However, through tree meditation, we can embrace the strength and wisdom of these bodies within ourselves and be free.

Here is how you can get achieve this guided meditation.

1. Choose the Correct Environment

As we are dealing with tree meditation, it will only make sense if you are meditating in a forest or with a tree nearby. Select your spot to be near a tree of your choice or a quiet wood.

If that is not possible, imagine yourself being surrounded by trees in a lush forest or a particular tree that you really connect with.

2. Know How to Breathe in and out

The central action of all meditations involves breathing in and out. But take note that you have to be “Consciously” breathing during this process, not just leaving your body to take in and out air as the system is built to do so.

Inhale and exhale as if creating a connection with the tree – like how it takes in carbon dioxide and expels oxygen. Take a deep breath, really taking in the environment.

3. Continue With Guided Imagery

Now that you have used your imagination, it is time to create a solid, grounding presence. Go and stand in front of the tree or the one you have imagined.

Put your hands together, and bow in four directions.

4. Embody the Tree

This is where you become the tree, and the actual tree meditation begins. Consider your feet to be the roots of a tree – strong and unwavering on the ground.

Holding that position and mindset, carry on with the following steps

The Heavens Pose

Begin by raising both of your arms above your head, with the palms touching each other.

Relax your shoulders, and imagine that you are a tree growing up towards the sky. Your arms symbolize branches in this pose.

While holding this position, sway slowly as if a tree would in the wind. Keep this posture for as long as you are comfortable.

The Earth Pose

Bring your arms down from above your head, still holding each hand in the other.

Your hands should be at the level of your eyes. Move your eyes down so that they are nearly closed. Now imagine that you are being lit up from within your body.

Relax and hold this pose for as long as you wish. This will release any tension in your shoulders.

The Humanity Pose

Now it is time to bring your arms to your chest level and try to stay in this position for as long as possible.

Just think about the calm and beauty of nature while holding your arms as such.

To end this meditation, take a moment and hug yourself with your arms wrapped firmly around your body.

That was one of the simpler and shorter ways to do tree meditation practice. There are other different ways in which you can achieve this.

Below is another type of tree meditation you can try out, and this is age-appropriate if you are an adult.

How to Perform Grounding Tree Meditation

For tree grounding meditation, the aim is to embody a tree that is very old.

In turn, you are turning your soul to reflect the strength and wisdom of grandmother trees such as pine, aspen, and maple. Here is how to do it

1. Set Your Awareness

Imagine yourself to be an aged but elegant tree, maybe a pine, fir, cypress, or any tall tree that you really connect with.

Stand tall and strong, thinking that your back and torso are the tree’s trunk, with your feet strongly rooted to the earth.

Take awareness of your body, and release any parts where you feel tension. Rest your arms at your side and focus on your internal energy.

2. Breathe Consciously

Inhale a long, deep breath, making sure to fill your chest with a lot of air. Then let it out through your mouth.

It is best to focus strongly on how the breath is released from your body and listen to how the inside of your throat makes the tiniest of vibrations.

3. Grounding

Picture yourself to be standing firm and strong with the sun on your skin. Your perspective should direct yourself as to being aged and wise like a tree.

Now keep your back (trunk) straight, and center your awareness on your feet.

Conjure the imagery of your feet to roots extending deep into the earth. Your feet are the tree roots, and they are embracing the earth deep within.

As your roots are grounded, center all your energy and bask in the bright sunlight.

4. Feel Gratitude

As you meditate in the presence of trees, deepen your grounding by giving thanks to your guardian tree.

Feel the power of strength, resilience, healing, and protection of your grandmother tree into your own being.

5. Practice and Repeat

Once you have carried out the actions mentioned above, you will feel relaxed and have a sense of lightness in your soul. Repeat the steps as many times as you like, and you will notice the wisdom of trees will come to you naturally.

6. Ending

Open your eyes when you have completed the sequence.

The world around you will seem more peaceful, your arms strong and graceful like branches, and your body and soul full of energy and wisdom.

Take a walk through the forest for the feeling to linger.

Final Words

Meditation, and more specifically, tree grounding meditation, has been around for thousands of years. Such a practice dates back to the beginning of Buddhism, where the focal point is to find oneself and peace through meditation.

It doesn’t matter that you are in the modern era – with enough practice and continuous inspiration from trees, you can gain both inner and outer strength of your body.

Once you get the results from tree meditation, it will be life-changing and will be a regular practice you will incorporate into your regular activities.